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We’re a small team of professionals with decades of combined experience in Network News, Video Production, Photography, Corporate, Medical, & 360 Virtual Tours. What that really means to our clients is, we have a lot of experiences to draw from to help “YOU” tell “YOUR” story and help create a lot of business opportunities!


Small Business, Medium Business, & Corporate Videography & Photography

Connect with your prospective customer by telling your organization’s, your staff’s, and your customer’s stories. We help small businesses pursue their revenue goals by helping them connect with their customers, right where they are, in their buyer’s journey.   From a local retail store to some of the world’s largest corporations… We have the experience to help your organization connect with your prospective customer!


Medical Videography & Photography

We’ve helped script, manage, shoot, and produce literally hundreds, and hundreds, of medical videos over the years!  From “Find a Doctor Videos”, Clinic Video Tours, Robotic Surgery Tours, Patient Testimonial Videos, to expansive medical 360 Virtual Tours…. Whether it’s a national hospital system or a local medical clinic or chiropractor… We have the experience to serve almost any medical communication need! 


Favorite Client Project: Skyline Technologies

Helping Sub-Zero Wolf leverage business intelligence, and Microsoft Power BI, to gain insight into their data, help reduce costs, and increase profitability.


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Why we are different

Over the last couple of decades we’ve been privileged to lead countless web design, video, 360, and interactive media projects. I’ve managed projects for some of the world’s largest corporations as well as small business start-ups…. I’ve worked locally and across our great nation, California, Texas, Florida, New York, Connecticut, and more.

Everywhere I’ve been, every client I’ve worked with has always faced the same challenge and opportunity: How to tell their story to their prospective patient, client, or customer to help them meet their organizational goals.  Because of our experience with bring a depth and bredth of options to the table that our clients, large and small, all value. 

We take a more holistic approach to marketing!  We try to understand your customer’s buyer’s journey so that we can better anticipate what comes before your marketing projects.  We also try to understand how your sales process works so that we can help you tune the marketing into a soft landing for your leads and more profitability for your organization. 

I invite you to contact us to discuss your marketing needs.  We would be genuinely thrilled to help you and your organization however possible! 

Michael Hagen

President – Virtus Media Consultants   

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